I would offer my participation in project work at any stage of the product life cycle, as well as any consultancy on the technologies used, on business processes, to find qualified contractors or to audit their work and competence.

Work on the requirements, software engineering

The process of work on the requirements to the site or web application is divided into four main stages:

- Definition of the product concept. At this step, I work with the customer project, and the ultimate goal is to develop a shared vision of the product and to make the conclusion if it will be developed or not.

- Collection of requirements. After working with the parties involved, we have the functional corresponding to the customer's expectations + his integration into existing business processes. Proper focus and priorities ensure the implementation of key functionality and eliminate redundant functionality, which affects positively on budgets and deadlines.

- Analysis of the requirements. In the process of the analysis of requirements we are exercising the structuring of already collected inquiries, the purpose of which is to create a correct list of none doubled requirements (collected from the user stories and scenarios of the previous phase) to the future product. Correctly grouped requirements lead to the minimization of various functional while providing the situation when a larger number of purposes are met. It also helps to save the budget and it constrains the frames of the project.

- System engineering. The project decisions on what type of functional will be carried out by the future product are usually made in the frames of this stage. The objective of the stage is to complete Terms of Reference (TOR), containing a full description of the core of the future product. Future product interaction with the end users is patterned on the basis of the obtained TOR, also the TOR is being tested. All these things help to increase the quality of the product and reduce its cost (as to make modifications of the TOR is always cheaper than that of the final product).

Design, artwork design

I participate in the artwork design in the part of discussion of general style, color, palette, psychological perception, aspects of usability, etc., coordinate and approve the final version with the customer, coordinate and control the execution of the project. In artwork design the outsourced designers are invited.

Layout and Prototyping

While using the techniques of cross-browser valid markup at this stage, we get a static HTML prototype of the future website or web application. In some cases when working with small and medium size projects I do the layout setting myself but usually I engage an outsourced layout designer. In addition, for greater clarity and simplicity of usage the means of dynamic prototype automatic generation can be applied. To speed up the work the resulting layout is often connected to the logic chosen for the project backend-system.


On the base of the TOR the optimal structure of storage is developed and the content management system (CMS) is chosen. The necessary interactive services, tools and interfaces are designed and adjusted. At this stage a runtime version of the site which is ready to be filled with the content-material is developed. At work I usually use my own experiences and solutions based on Zend Framework, as well as Modx CMF and WordPress. I have a good experience of work with other management systems.

Integration with payment systems

This service is taken as a separate stage because I have got several know-how in this area and the experience of subsequent successful integration of the sites business logic with such payment systems as PayPal, Yandex, WebMoney, Qiwi,, RBKMoney, as well as the integration of payment credit cards and the work with SMS gateways.

Filling in of the content

At this stage the content filling of the project is carried out. If necessary I can offer the primary content filling on my own as well as the creation and processing extra graphic materials. Also I would be available to consult and to take part in copywriting, stylistic processing and translation of the materials to be published.


Functional and usability testing, performance testing, development and updating of the test cases, test plans and test methods are included into this stage. Static and dynamic testing is also available. Cross-browser testing and spell check can be included. Coordination of the works on testing of the implemented decisions by the customer’s staff is provided. In my spare time I like doing proofreading of the Russian texts for spelling and style.

Integration with social networks

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a project being isolated from social networks. I offer help to create or my consulting in the creation of project pages in network with linking the necessary services and applications or any other necessary settings. I am familiar with API social networking and I use it in my work.

Hosting and domain names

I am ready to work as a consultant for selecting and configuring the equipment required for placement and proper functioning of the project (I have a long successful experience of communication with leading providers). I will create and register the domain names and I will link them to the hosting sites. I have my own VPS and cloud hostings.

System Management and Technical Support

I administrate * nix servers and provide technical support for some projects. I offer an audit of security and productivity, I can select administrators and I can help with integration and customization of the server functionality.

Clients web site optimization

Do you think that the site does not work fast enough? Do you want to squeeze maximum of its productivity? I will carry out a range of works to identify problem areas in loading and displaying resources. Reducing the size of images, optimizing the script files and styles, minimizing the number of queries, caching, parallel queries, Web server optimization, the structure of web pages optimization – these are just some of those measures that can be applied in this case.

Analytics and statistics counters

I will set up and delicately tune the traditional instruments of analytics, will set up correct objectives and will configure statements. On the bases of the data collected it is possible to carry out the further development of the functionality of the site or the web application. Identification of bottlenecks in the structure or content and navigation of the site, evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns (ROI) also can be provided.

Paper work management

I offer a documentary support at any stage of the work on the project. The following works are available in this relation: Documentation of the Code and used solutions, creation of the documentation for programmers and users, the regulation of business processes.

But you need not only the development of the project, do you?

I can offer you my well-established and trusted working relationships with peers of my guild as well as with a number of talented designers, layout persons and accurate astute experts on search optimization and internet marketing.